Glimpses of Britain

Glimpses of Britain : reader

Автор: Алексей Минченков

Форматы: PDF

Издательство: Антология

Год: 2006

Место издания: Санкт-Петербург

ISBN: 5-94962-113-1

Страниц: 128

Артикул: 58170

Возрастная маркировка: 16+

цена: 60
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Хрестоматия содержит подборку статей из современных газет и журналов, иллюстрирующих многие темы, рассматриваемые в основных главах пособия Glimpses of Britain. Статьи расположены в произвольном порядке, они не адаптировались и не сокращались, был полностью сохранен авторский стиль и пунктуация. Таким образом, статьи представляют разный уровень сложности, в зависимости от индивидуального стиля автора.

Prescott's folly
The first media queen
1066 and all what?
How I see it
Why I'll keep on riding to the rescue of Blenheim
Sex war
Puritanism of the rich
History washes up ancient bathroom
Letter from Victoria points to affair with Brown
At last contentment
Wedded to a Quango Lords
Royals in crisis as popularity nose-dives
Queen's speech stresses respect and reform
The New Edwardians
Why stately homes need support
Spencer rejected Diana's plea for home, letters reveal
£ 100,000 price on miniature head of Lord Damley
How the king was thwarted from making plea to nation
Council tax bills to rise
Kensington Palace
Special agent Holbein spied on Henry VIII
Mary, Mary, quite unwary
At her Majesty's pleasure
Myth of the few that does not add up
The blood that links the greatest Britons
Mystery lifted on queen's powers
Becket Abbey is found in Dublin
Pope had to push reluctant envoy
I lost my heart in Norton Conyers
Dark depressions of lady with the lamp
Grandchildren cash in on legacies their parents don't need
Queen versus queen
Stunning victory routed French and Spanish and changed history
Ghost of Henry VIII casts shadow over summit
Blair sets record for rewarding party donors with life peerages
Lady Thatcher celebrated her 80th birthday last night with 650 guests
The generation game is rigged
Painted Lady of Kew uncovered
Al-Qaeda threat to Queen tightens Cenotaph security
If we don't change now, we'll all be poorer for it
Warriors, statesmen, prelates. Can young David live up to his ancestors?
The letter that saved Parliament

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