Автор: Ben Jonson

Форматы: PDF

Издательство: Директ-Медиа

Год: 2003

Место издания: Москва

ISBN: 9785998934148

Страниц: 150

Артикул: 11846

цена: 45
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To the Reader
To My Book
To My Bookseller
To King James
On the Union
To Alchemists
On the New Hot-House
On a Robbery
To All to Whom I Write
To My Lord Ignorant
On Something that Walks Somewhere
On Lieutenant Shift
To Doctor Empiric
To William Camden
On Court-Worm
To Brain-Hardy
To the Learned Critic
To My Mere English Censurer
On Sir Cod the Perfumed
To the Same Sir Cod
On Reformed Gamester
On My First Daughter
To John Donne
To the Parliament
On Sir Voluptuous Beast
On the Same Beast
On Sir John Roe
On Don Surly
To Sir Annual Tilter
To Person Guilty
On Bank the Usurer
On Sir John Roe
To the Same
Of Death
To King James
To the Ghost of Martial
On Cheverel the Lawyer
To Person Guilty
On Old Colt
On Margaret Radcliffe
On Gypsy
On Giles and Joan
To Robert, Earl of Salisbury
On Chuff, Bank's the Usurer's Kinsman
On My First Son
To Sir Luckless Woo-All
To the Same
On Mongrel Esquire
To Playwright
To Sir Cod
To King James Upon the Happy False Rumour of His Death
To Censorious Courtling
To Old-End Gatherer
On Cheverel
To Francis Beaumont
On Poet-Ape
On Bawds and Usurers
To Groom Idiot
On Spies
To William, Lord Monteagle
To Fool or Knave
To Fine Lady Would-Be
To Robert, Earl of Salisbury
To the Same Upon the accession of the Treasurership to him
To My Muse
To Sir Henry Cary
To Thomas, Earl of Suffolk
On Playwright
To Pertinax Cob
To William Roe
On Court-Parrot
To Courtling
To Fine Grand
To Thomas, Lord Chancellor Egerton
On Lippe, the Teacher
On Lucy, Countess of Bedford
To One that Desired Me Not to Name Him
To Hornet
To Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
Of Life and Death
To Prowl the Plagiary
On Cashiered Captain Surly
To a Friend
To Lucy, Countess of Bedford
To Sir Henry Goodyere
To the Same
On Captain Hazard the Cheater
On English Monsieur
To Edward Alleyn
On Mill, My Lady's Woman
To Sir Horace Vere
The New Cry
To Sir John Radcliffe
To Lucy, Countess of Bedford, with Mr. Donne's Satires
To Sir Henry Savile
To John Donne
On the New Motion
To Sir Thomas Roe
To the Same
On Playwright
Inviting a Friend to Supper
To William, Earl of Pembroke
To Mary, Lady Wroth
To Susan, Countess of Montgomery
To Mary, Lady Wroth
To Sir Edward Herbert
To Captain Hungry
To True Soldiers
To Sir Henry Neville
To Clement Edmondes, on His Caesar's Commentaries Observed and Translated
To the Same, on the Same
To a Weak Gamester in Poetry
To Sir Thomas Overbury
To Mistress Philip Sidney
On the Town's Honest Man
To Sir William Jephson
On Groin
On Gut
To Sir Ralph Sheldon
Epitaph on Salomon Pavy, a Child of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel
To Benjamin Rudyerd
To the Same
To the Same
Epitaph on Elizabeth, L.H
To Sir William Uvedale
To His Lady, then Mistress Cary
To Esmй, Lord Aubigny
To William Roe
To Mime
To Alphonso Ferrabosco, on His Book
To the Same
To Mr. Joshua Sylvester
On the Famous Voyage

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