The Underwood

The Underwood

Автор: Ben Jonson

Форматы: PDF

Издательство: Директ-Медиа

Год: 2003

Место издания: Москва

ISBN: 9785998934155

Страниц: 223

Артикул: 11848

цена: 67
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To the Reader
Poems of Devotion
A Celebration of Charis in Ten Lyric Pieces
The Musical Strife; in a Pastoral Dialogue
A Song
In the Person of Womankind
Another: in Defence of Their Inconstancy
A Nymph's Passion
The Hour-Glass
My Picture Left in Scotland
Against Jealousy
The Dream
An Epitaph on Master Vincent Corbett
An Epistle to Sir Edward Sackville, now Earl of Dorset
An Epistle to Master John Selden
An Epistle to a Friend, to Persuade Him to the Wars
An Epitaph on Master Philip Gray
Epistle to a Friend
An Elegy
An Elegy
A Satirical Shrub
A Little Shrub Growing By
An Elegy
An Ode. To Himself
The Mind of the Frontispiece to a Book
An Ode to James, Earl of Desmond
An Ode
An Ode
A Sonnet to the Noble Lady, the Lady Mary Worth
A Fit of Rhyme against Rhyme
An Epigram on William, Lord Burghley, Lord High Treasurer of England
An Epigram to Thomas, Lord Ellesmere, the Last Term He Sat Chancellor
Another to Him
An Epigram to the Counsellor that Pleaded and Carried the Cause
An Epigram to the Smallpox
An Epitaph on Elizabeth Chute
A Song
An Epistle to a Friend
An Elegy
An Elegy
An Elegy
An Elegy
An Execration upon Vulcan
A Speech according to Horace
An Epistle to Master Arthur Squib
An Epigram on Sir Edward Coke
An Epistle Answering to One that Asked to be Sealed of the Tribe of Ben
The Dedication of the King's New Cellar to Bacchus
An Epigram on the Court Pucelle
An Epigram to the Honoured Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
. Lord Bacon's Birthday
A Poem Sent Me by Sir William Burlase
An Epigram to William, Earl of Newcastle
Epistle to Mr. Arthur Squib
To Mr. John Burgess
Epistle to My Lady Covell
To Master John Burgess
Epigram to My Bookseller
An Epigram to William, Earl of Newcastle
An Epitaph on Henry, Lord La Warr. To the Passer-by
An Epigram
An Epigram to King Charles
To King Charles and Queen Mary
An Epigram to Our Great and Good King Charles, on His Anniversary Day, 1629
An Epigram on the Prince's Birth, 1630
An Epigram to the Queen, then Lying In, 1630
An Ode, or Song, by All the Muses, in Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday, 1630
An Epigram to the Household, 1630
Epigram to a Friend, and Son
To the Immortal Memory and Friendship of That Noble Pair
To the Right Honourable, the Lord High Treasurer of England
To the King, on His Birthday 19 November 1632 an Epigram Anniversary
On the Right Honourable and Virtuous Lord Weston
To the Right Honourable Jerome, Lord Weston an Ode Gratulatory
Epithalamion; or, a Song, Celebrating the Nuptials of that Noble Gentleman, Mr. Jerome Weston
The Humble Petition of Poor Ben
To the Right Honourable, the Lord Treasurer of England an Epigram
An Epigram to My Muse, the Lady Digby
A New Year's Gift Sung to King Charles, 1635
To My Lord the King, on the Christening His Second Son, James
An Elegy on the Lady Jane Paulet, Marchioness of Winton
Eupheme; or, the Fair Fame Left to Posterity
The Dedication of Her Cradle
The Song of Her Descent
The Picture of the Body
The Mind
Her Hopeful Issue
Elegy on My Muse, the Truly Honoured Lady, the Lady Venetia Digby
Horace, Epode: The Praises of a Country Life
Horace, Ode the First, the Fourth Book: To Venus
Horace, Ode ix, 3rd Book: To Lydia Dialogue of Horace and Lydia
A Fragment of Petronius Arbiter
Martial, Epigram lxxvii, Book VIII
Martial, Epigram xlvii, Book X

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