Экологически дружественное сельское и лесное хозяйство для будущих поколений

Экологически дружественное сельское и лесное хозяйство для будущих поколений : сборник научных трудов международной научной конференции

Форматы: PDF

Издательство: Санкт-Петербургский государственный аграрный университет (СПбГАУ)

Год: 2015

Место издания: Санкт-Петербург

Страниц: 1033

Артикул: 16662

цена: 2066
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Сборник содержит статьи участников конференции. В них рассматриваются актуальные проблемы развития мировой аграрной и лесотехнической науки и пути их решения.

A. Adamovics, S. Ivanovs, V.Dubrovskis. Productivity of industrial hemp and utilisation thereof for biogas production
S. Adeili, B. Haidn, M. Robert. Development of a control unit for the autonomous guidance of manure removal-, cubicle cleaning- and bedding machines, as well as of automotive fodder-mixing-vehicles
В.В. Альт, С.П. Исакова, Е.А. Лапченко. Сетевая система поддержки принятия решения управления производством продукции растениеводства
S. Altunbas, M. Sari, G. Gozukara. Effects of Degradations in Wetlands of Turkey on Agriculture and Forest Ecosystems
S. Arikan, M. Ipek, A. Esitken, L. Pirlak/ Effects of IBA and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) on Rooting and Root Growth of Myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) Stem Cuttings
P. Barge, P. Gay, P. Piccarolo, D. Ricauda Aimonino, C. Tortia, M. Caria, G. Chessa, L. Murgia, A. Pazzona, G. Todde. RFID identification and traceability of Agnello Sardo lamb
В.В. Беляков, А. П. Картошкин, С.Н. Широков, В.А. Ружьев, А.В. Зыкин, И. В. Белинская. Развитие академического процесса подготовки агроинженеров в России: новые вызовы – новые подходы
B. Bianchi, P. Catalano, A. Tamborrino, A. Leone, C. Martinelli. Full scale composting tests of organic mixtures based on "two phase" pomace using a prototype of turning machine
E. Bilgili, C. Ertekin, M. Canakci. Determination of Energy Usage Efficiency in Colza Production in Cukurova Region, Turkey
S. Bilgin, H. Yilmaz, A. Kocer, M. Acar, M. Dok, S. Alparslan. Briquetting of Rice Straw and Determination of Briquette Physical Properties
Ali Bolat, Ali Bayat. Drift Potential Of Some New Types Of Spray Nozzles In Different Wind Conditions
S. Bostanci, I. Koca, B. Tekguler, A. F. Koca. Comparative Evaluation of Catechins, Alkaloids and Antioxidant Activities of Green and Black Tea Wastes
G. Bourges, J. Eliach, M. Medina. Numerical testing of a distributor head modification of an air drill seeder. Performance comparison with actual model
M. Brambilla, F. Meneghetti, P. Salazzari, C. Bisaglia. Introduction of UASB reactors and planted units of horizontal subsurface and aerated engineered wetlands for in farm piggery wastewater clarified fraction processing: a case study
K. Buyuktas, A. Tezcan, S. Buyukkok. A Model Freestall Dairy Barn Sample with 400 Animal Capacities for Hot Climate Conditions
F. Caffaro, E. Cavallo. Ergonomic study of the interaction between novice users and technological solutions adopted in tractor cabs
N. Caglayan, C. Ertekin. Implementation of Fuzzy Logic for Natural Ventilation in Greenhouse
D. L. Cardoso, T. B. Kaminski, L. R. Braun, G. I. Venson, C. D. Cancelier. Rice husk ash waste added to soil for formation of sustainable composites
K. Carman, T. Marakoglu, V. Talantimur. Effects of Different Tillage Applications on Fuel Savings and Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Wheat Production
C. Caruso, C. Maucieri, A.C. Barbera, M. Borin. Effects of mycorrhization on biomass plant species fertilized with digestate liquid fraction
P. Catania, P. Febo, M. Alleri, M. Vallone. Design of an impact recording device for table olives
P. Catania, M. Vallone, G. F. Argento, V. A. Laudicina. Influence of different tillage systems on soil physical-mechanical properties: a three-year study
H. K. Celik, A. E.W. Rennie, D. Dawson, A. Eatough, J. Eatough, I. Akinci. Deformation Simulation of a Tyre Safety Cage in Testing of Agricultural Vehicle Tyres
Chang Z., Jin H., Fu G., He J. Distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus in liquidand solid fraction of pig and dairy manure in anaerobic digestion reactor
А.Ф. Чешкова, А.Ф. Алейников, П.И. Степочкин, И. Г. Гребенникова. Программный комплекс для информационно-аналитической поддержки селекции сельскохозяйственных культур
I.S. Choi, J.H. Jun, Y. Choi, T.K. Kang, D.K. Choi, C.S. Nyeon, C.K. Lee. Design of the seed metering device for seeder of Foxtail millet & Sorghum
V. Chumakov, A. Punko. Production technology protein feed from biological waster poultru establishments
S. O. Chung, Y. K. Choo, M. S. Kabir,Y. J. Kim. Development of Tractor Modes for Major Field Operations
В. Делягин. Термическая утилизация токсичных отходов животноводческих предприятий
V. Delyagin, N. Ivanov, V. Murko, V. Karpenok, D. Chernykh. Thermal utilization of livestock toxic waste
J. Deming, T. O’Dwyer, P. Clarke, D. Gleeson, A. Renwick, B. O’Brien. Current status of overall labour input on Irish dairy farms
V. Demircan, M.C. Ormeci Kart, S. Baysal, A. Temur. Socio-Economic Structures of Agriculture Faculty Students and Determination of Their Inclinations: A Case Study from Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey
K. Ekinci1, R. Kulcu, I. Tosun, E. Onursal, B. S Kumbul, B. Bitrak, F. Sevik, K. Suluk. Design and Construction of Fifteen-Automatically Controlled Laboratory Scaled Reactor Composting Systems
T. Erdem, M. Incesu, T. Yesiloglu, S. Oztekin, B. Ozturk. Microwave drying of persimmon and its drying characteristics
T. Erdem, C. Kurt, H. Arioglu, H. Bakal, F. Shahzad, Baloch, Melih Y., Cevik. Some physical and mechanical properties of five cultivars of peanuts
R. Erdogan, H. Dirik, H.E. Oktay. Protecting and sustainable use of meadows which is under pressure of urbanization and tourism in the case study of Antalya
Y. M. Fernandez-Ordonez, J. Soria-Ruiz, R.C. Medina-Ramirez. Use of satellite image data to locate potential aquaculture facilities
F. Garbati Pegna, P. Sacchetti, A. Belcari, A. Camussi, F. Meggiolaro. Heating pattern in dates subjected to postharvest radio frequency treatment
G. Gui, Z. Jian-Chao, Y. Ji. Dynamic changes of cell membrane permeability and antioxidant enzyme activity sugar beet leave under NaCl stress
T.J. Girardi, D.L. Cardoso, L.R. Braun. Numerical analysis of stress distribution in cylindrical metallic silos
A. Graff1, S. Worz, J. Dietrich, M. Hold, J. Stumpenhausen, H. Bernhardt. Effects of a simulated power cut in ams on milk yield valued by statistics model
I.B. Gurbuz, O. Turan. Future of Family Farming Concerning Rural Unemployment Trends in Turkey
E. Guzel1, I. Derici. Measurement of Some Physico-Mechanical Properties of Dodder (Cuscute) and Alfalfa Seeds Grains For Development of Electrostatic Seperation Machinery
H. E. S. Haapala. The role of advisory services in agricultural innovations
He, XQ, Jia H, Zhang J. Coordinated effect of NAA and 6-BA on germination and growth of Gladiolus hybridus Hort cv Bingzhao Hongshi
K. Heitkamper, R. Stark, M. Schick. Development of an online application for labour-planning data
M. Hellstedt. The effect of manure cooling and high-pressure spraying on odour on fattening Pig production units
H. Shimizu, T. Hoshi, K. Nakamura. Development of a non-contact ultrasonic pollination system
Hou P., Wang C., Wang X., He L., Zhou H., Ren P., Song P., Luo B., Zhao Y. Development of Dynamic Ion Flux Detecting Equipment and Its Application in Plant Science
S. Ishikawa, K. Iwabuchi, J. Takano. Peak Power Demand Leveling to Stabilize and Reduce the Power Demand of Dairy Barn
Ю.О.Истомин, В.А. Мельников. Результаты испытания свободнопоточной микрогэс с поперечной турбиной
K. Iwabuchi, S. Ishikawa, M. Komiya, R. Hara, J. Takano. Electricity Supply Characteristics of a Biogas Power Generation System Adjacent to a Livestock Barn
H.L. Jia, J.T. Qi, J. Zhuang, J.X. Zheng, J.Y. Sun. Some special structural biomimetic on soil-burrowing animals applied on agricultural engineering
V. Jugessur, R. Rujub, S. Venkannah. Cost effective automation for sustainable seedling production in Small Island Developing States
T. Juliszewski, D. Kwasniewski, M. Pietrzykowski, P.Tylek, J. Walczyk. The root system of energy willow: The issue of liquidating plantations
H.J. Jun, I.S. Choi, T.G. Kang, Y. Choi, D.K. Choi, C.K. Lee, K.Y. Jung. Performance improvement of a head feeding rice combine for sorghum harvesting
Z. Kara, M. Baykan, M. Dogan, D. Ege. Antifungal and antibacterial activities of grape (vitis vinifera l.) seed extracts
D. Karayel, M. Topakci, I. Unal, M. Canakci, E. Sarauskis. Determination of Seedling Distributions over the Field using Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
N.E. Kasumov. Method of determination of average labor energy intensity of depending on physical activity
Y. Kazenin, A. Yakovlev, V. Kryuchkov. Agriculture Modernisation for the Purposes of Making Environmentally Safe Production Using Nanotechnology
I. Koca, A. F. Koca, V.A. Yilmaz, B. Tekguler, S. Bostanci. Physical, Chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Mad Honey
I. Koca, B. Tekguler, S. Bostanci, A.F. Koca. Antioxidant activities and total phenolics content in the leaves and bulbs of cigdem plants (Ornithogalum sp.) from Turkey
И. Кокунова, О. Титенкова, В. Ружьев. Чистые технологии и новое техническое средство для заготовки качественных кормов в условиях повышенного увлажнения
T.S. Kornecki. Effects of cover crop management and planting operations on cotton establishment and yield in a no-till system
Козлов В. Д. Аграрное образование - выйти из тупика
S. Kurpaska, H. Latala, P. Konopacki, R. Holownicki. The effects of storage of excess heat from the plastic tunnel in the water accumulator
D. H. Lee, Y. J. Kim, S. O. Chung, K. H. Lee. Development of Automated Clutch System of Agricultural Tractor using Electric Actuator
J. Macuhova, F. Albrecht, B. Haidn. Estimation of capacity of robot scrapers – Development of calculation models
S. Mansuroglu, P. Kinikli. Impacts of Highways on Agricultural Areas: The Case of Antalya-Alanya Highway
L. Marchenko, A. Kozlova. Assessment of pesticide drift during application with boom sprayer
C. Maucieri, C. Caruso, A.C. Barbera, M. Borin. Effect of cultivation of six energy crops fertilized with digestate liquid fraction on soil respiration
K. Mazur , W. Romaniuk. Modern technologies of animal production and their sustainability
Morozov V.V., Fyodorov D.A. Ways to decrease potato tuber injury at mechanized harvesting
В.В. Морозов, Д.А. Федоров. Пути снижения травмирования клубней картофеля при механизированной уборке
В. Мурко, В. Карпенок, Д.Черных, В.Делягин, Н.Иванов. Технологический комплекс по переработке отходов углеобогащения для предприятий малой энергетики
V. Murko, V. Karpenok, D. Chernykh, V. Delyagin, N. Ivanov. Technological complex for processing coal cleaning waste for small power engineering enterprises in the agribusiness industry of Siberia
Наквасина Е.Н., Минин Н.С., Голубева Л.В., Павозкова А.В. Формирование постагрогенных лесов в Архангельской области
J. Neiber, Dr. S. Neser. Energy consumption and improvement of the energy efficiency in the agricultural animal husbandry
В. Нестяк, В. Арюпин, О. Ивакин, С. Усольцев, В. Серебряков. Тепловой режим защитных экранов для выращивания овощей в неблагоприятных условиях открытого грунта
V. Nestyak, V. Aryupin, O. Ivakin, S. Usoltsev, V. Serebryakov. Thermal conditions of protective shields for growing vegetables under unfavorable environment of open ground
L.Nozdrovicky, M.Macak, T. Sima. Analysis of the factors affecting the technical efficiency of the application of fertilizers and environmental effects
R. Oberschatz, B. Haidn, J. Neiber, S. Neser. Automatic feeding systems for cattle – A study of the energy consumption of the techniques
B. O’Brien, J. Shortall, R. Sleator, C. Foley. Preliminary measures of labour input on farms with conventional and automatic milking systems
H. Ogut, H. Oguz, S. SahIn, S. GezgIn, F. Aydin, D. Ozen, G. Yalcin. Investigation of the characteristics of biodiesel from some species of safflower
H. Ok, S. Orman. Determination of the performances of the grass plants on which dried stabilized sewage sludge was applied in soils at different lime levels
H. Ortiz-Laurel, D. Rossel-Kipping, H.M. Duran- Garcia, L. Gonzalez-Munoz, A. Amante-Orozco. Calculating energy balance by using emerging technologies for biomass derived from vegetative materials
М.С. Овчаренко, А.С. Арефьев. Повышение безопасности операторов транспортной сельскохозяйственной техники за счёт предотвращения возможного засыпания за рулём
Peng S., Wei L., Cheng W., Junxiong Z. Automatic sorting system for haploid maize kernels
A. Perekopskiy, S. Chugunov, M.Kuzovnikov. Analysis of factors affecting the high-moisture grain drying on a rotary dryer
В. Попов, Д. Максимов, А. Брюханов. Подходы агроинженерной экологии по снижению негативного воздействия на окружающую среду от сельскохозяйственного производства
A. R. Proto, G. Zimbalatti, G. Macri, B. Bernardi. Acoustic tools in forestry: a case study in Italy
E. Quendler, L. Tschenett, K. Trieb, R. Kogler, J. Boxberger. Analysis of trailer incidents on Austrian farms
K. Sabanci, C. Aydin. Embedded systems based smart irrigation system design
S. Sangsoponjit, W. Suphalucksana, K. Soytong. Enzyme-producing microorganisms from cattle’s ruminant
J. R. Sanz-Uribe, P. J. Ramos-Giraldo, J. M. Castrillon-Cuervo, N. Ferrier. Characterization of Defective Washed Coffee Beans for Electronic Sorting
M. Sari, S. Altunbas, G. Gozukara. Agents and Factors of Deteriorations Occurred in Agricultural and Forest
Areas: An Example From Southwest Turkey Antalya 716
M. Schick, K. Heitkamper. Weak-Point Analyses as a Basis for Future-Oriented Agricultural Systems
Шкрабак В.С., Овчинникова Е.И., Шкрабак В.В., Шкрабак Р.В. Человеко-машинные аспекты безоопасности мобильных агрегатов в сельском хозяйстве
E. Silerova, M.Hrinikova. Architecture of a management information system for farmers
I. Solonko. Freedom and responsibility in adult education In context of globalization
J. Soria-Ruiz, Y. M. Fernandez-Ordonez. Land use/cover and its interaction with soil fertility in a compact agricultural area
K. Srikijkasemwat, K. Jirajaroenrat. Optimization for the Amylase Activity by Novel Starch Degrading Bacteria Isolated from Swine Feces
Suphalucksana W., Sangsoponjit S., Soytong K. Efficiency for Enzyme Production of fungi Isolated from the Buffalo’s Ruminant
R. C. Tieppo, T. L. Romanelli, M. Milan, L. M. Gimenez. Prediction of financial index and outsourcing viability on agricultural mechanized operations
M. Topakci, A. Ozmerzi. Determination of soil failure boundary by image processing technique
C. R.Trein, M. T. de Moraes, R. Levien, M. Mazurana, I. Anghignoni, H. Debiasi, J.A. Bonetti. Tillage systems with controlled traffic and limits to maize production
C. R. Trein, R. Levien, C. Bissani, M. Dall’Agnol. PAI: A link between Education and Extension in Southern Brazil
M. M. Turgut, Z. B. Barut. The Instant Mean Downforce and Emergence Parameters for Furrow Opener Types on Direct Seeding Machine
Tuure, V-M., Latti, M. Co-operation between livestock and crop farms
Tuure, V-M., Latti, M. & Luoma, T. Agricultural traffic in field operations on an enlarging dairy farm
C. Umstatter, R. Stark, D. Schmid, M. Schick. Impact of technological advances on annual working time in Swiss farming
I. Unal, M. Topakci. Development of Internet Based Remote-Controlled Vehicle for Precision Farming
Y. Unal1, B. Acar, M. Direk. Research on water distribution uniformity for different drip irrigation laterals
H. Vural, S. Turhan, T. Tipi, B. Erdal. The using of farm appraisal methods in Turkish agriculture sector
Wang H., Tang Z., Zao R., Zou X. Design of Clamping and Cutting Mechanism for Picking Banana Manipulator
Wang J., Shang S., Egil O. Iamfe and its Development
P. Xyradakis, I. Gravalos, D. Kateris, Th. Gialamas, Z. Tsiropoulos, A. Georgiadis. Engine performance test with different alcohol (C1-C5) gasoline blended fuels
S. Yakovchik. Belarus experience in processing animal manure and chicken dung with the use of biogas technologies
O. Yaldiz, T. Bischoff. Laboratory Studies on Methane Production from Cattle and Chicken Manure bei Different Reaction Conditions as a Basis for Process Optimization of Biogas Plants in Low Fermentation Temperatures
Yang J., Zhou J., Geng G. Dynamic changes of organic osmolytes in sugar beet leaves under NaCl stress
D. Yilmaz, M. Canakci. Determination of the usage combine harvester: a case study for Antalya region
E. Yilmaz, Z. Alagoz. Impacts of agricultural waste utilization on aggregate systems in a clayey soil (Typic Xerofluvent) in Turkey
Y. Yan, S. Shu-qi. Design of Self-supply Power System to Farmland Environmental Monitoring Network
Zeng B., Tong J., Liu L., Liu J., Yang S., Ye J. Design and experiment of new maize stubble harvesting machine
D. Akbolat, K.Ekinci, Y.E. Bozkurt, B.S. Kumbul. The Influence of Soil and Air Temperature on Soil Carbon Dioxide Emission
Abdulrazzak A. Jasim Alzubaidi, Khaled S. Ahmed Alobaidi. Using power sources to determine the qualification of pumping unit performance
В.Н. Бровцин, А.Ф. Эрк. Обоснование оптимальных параметров преобразователей энергии солнца и ветра в электрическую
В.Н. Бровцин, А.Ф. Эрк. Сравнительный анализ энергоэффективности предприятий сельскохозяйственного назначения
A. Coskan, K. Dogan. Organic fertilizers are increasing CO2 and N2O emissions
E. Caliskan. Timber extraction with a cable crane in turkey
E. Caliskan. Planning of forest road network using gis
Г. Личман, И. Смирнов, М. Савельева. Анализ факторов, влияющих на качество дифференцированного применения удобрений
D. Maksimov, A. Briukhanov, I. Subbotin. Profitability of biogas technologies on livestock farms in the North West of Russia
В.Н. Миронов, В.В. Гордеев. Изменение плодородия почвенного субстрата при использовании вентиляционных выбросов
Н.М. Ожегов, Н.И. Джабборов, A.В. Добринов, Д.С. Федькин. Оценка интенсивности изнашивания плужных лемехов, наплавленных твердыми сплавами
Э. Папушин, А. Валге, И. Серзин, Е.Тимофеев. Мониторинг работы мобильных агрегатов в сельском хозяйстве
S. Rakutko. Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions for Implementation of Professionally Focused Technology of Training on Energy Saving in Modern Agroengineering Education
Е. Тимофеев, И. Серзин, С. Матейчик. Управление сельскохозяйственным производством на основе инфокоммуникационных средств
D. Zare, N. Gholamrezaei, M.T. Golmakani. Biodiesel production from mixture of rapeseed and sunflower oil and evaluating its properties as a fuel

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