Legal English: Visual Reference Materials: Comprehensive Edition

Legal English: Visual Reference Materials: Comprehensive Edition

Автор: Евгений Попов

Форматы: PDF

Издательство: Директ-Медиа

Год: 2022

Место издания: Москва

ISBN: 978-5-4499-3351-5

Страниц: 285

Артикул: 99035

Возрастная маркировка: 16+

цена: 371
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Учебное пособие предназначается для студентов-юристов (уровень подготовки: бакалавриат, специалитет, магистратура), а также для студентов, обучающихся по программе дополнительной квалификации «Переводчик в сфере профессиональной коммуникации». Книга содержит дополнительные материалы в виде рисунков, схем и таблиц, которые призваны помочь студентам не только овладеть ключевыми понятиями и категориями, сложившимися в англоязычной правовой культуре, но и усовершенствовать навыки обработки профессионально значимой информации на английском языке.

Definition of the Term 'Law
Functions of Law
Legal Systems of the World
Main Branches of Civil and Common Law
Overview of Sources of Law in England and Wales
Legislative Process in the UK
Types of Delegated Legislation (the UK)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Delegated Legislation (the UK)
Sources of Law in the USA
Hierarchy of Law in the USA
Types and Classifications of Law in the USA
How to Read Citations
Political System in the Russian Federation
Political System in the UK
Summary of the United Kingdom's Separation of Powers
Key Principles of Public Law in the UK
Examples of Royal Prerogative
Three Branches of U.S. Government
Separation of Powers: the UK and the USA Compared
Why Have a Constitution
Principles of Constitutionalism (the USA)
Classifying Constitutions
Characteristics of Written and Unwritten Constitutions
British Constitution Compared with Others
Sources of the British Constitution
Agency Authority, Purpose, and Action
Limits on Administrative Agencies
Administrative Agencies (USA)
Overview of Administrative Rulemaking Process
Administrative Tribunals (The UK)
Administrative Law Remedies
Decentralisation of Public Power
Controls on Local Government (The UK)
Services Delivered by Local Government (England)
International Dimensions of Law
Public International Law Overview
Various Actors in International Law
Classification of Sources of Public International Law
Sources of International Law
Relationship between Treaties and Custom
Making the World More Lawful
Main Organs of the UNO
Three Pillars of the European Union
Who's Who in the European Context
Institutional Structure of the EU
EU Competences
Hierarchy of Sources of EU Law
European Convention on Human Rights
Nature and Effect of Community Law
Types of Pollution and Their Effects
Causes of Pollution
Recommended Structure of the National Environmental Security Taskforce
Representation of Environmental Risk Assessment Process
Waste Hierarchy' - Waste Management Options in the Order of Their Environmental Impact
Roles of Different Branches of Government in the Environmental Arena (USA)
Administration of US Environmental Law
1992 Ri o Declaration on Environment and Development
Conceptual Matrix of International Environmental Law
Areas of Civil Law
Common Types of Civil Lawsuit
Main Types of Obligation
Differences between Law and Equity
Stages of a Typical Civil Lawsuit
Possible Responses to a Claim Which Has Been Served
Comparison of Civil and Criminal Law
Steps in a Civil Case - Before Trial
Trial-Preparation Checklist for a Paralegal
Elements of Different Causes of Action
Common Motions Made in Civil Cases
Paralegal as Legal Assistant at Trial: A Brief Look
Steps in a Civil Case - Jury Trial
Civil Remedies
Civil Remedy: Damages
Steps in a Civil Case - After Trial
Legal Classification of Property
Extent of Landowner's Rights
Interests in Real Property
Common Forms of Residential Co-Ownership
Steps Involved in the Sale of Real Estate
Acquisition of Title to Real Property
Legal Considerations of Buying versus Leasing
Types of Tenancies
Rights and Duties that Arise under a Lease Agreement
Acquisition of Personal Property
Rights of Finders of Personal Property
Creation of a Bailment
Degree of Care Required of a Bailee
Duties of Bailees and Bailors
Forms of Intellectual Property
Copyright Protection
Exception to Copyright Protection: Fair Dealing
Intellectual Property: Common Licensing Clauses
Estate Planning Tools
Schedule of Kinship Relationship to a Decedent
Distribution of the Estate of an Intestate
Executor's Duties: A Summary
Main Areas of Family Law
Premarital Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements
Advantages and Disadvantages of Basic Family Structures
Differences between Adoption and Special Guardianship (UK)
Adoption Procedure
Kinds of Uncontested Divorce
Undefended Divorce: Procedure for Obtaining the Decree
Comparison between Divorce and Annulment
Resolving Disputes over Children's Upbringing
Factors a Court May Consider When Awarding Custody
Factors to Be Considered in Determining Child Visitation Schedules
Alimony and Property Division Terms of a Separation Agreement
Checklists for the Preparation of a Separation Agreement
Checklist Covering Individual Clauses of a Separation Agreement
Factors Considered by Courts to Determine if Alimony Will Be Awarded and, if so, How Much
Factors Used to Determine the Equitable Distribution of Property
Major Forms of Business Compared
Benefits and Drawbacks of Different Types of Business Entities
Types of Businesses by the Kinds of Activities They Perform
Twelve Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
Functions of Business
Areas of the Law That May Affect Business Decision Making
Franchisee's Duties and Responsibilities
Important Consequences of Being a Partner
Statutory Powers of a Limited Liability Company (USA)
Principal Characteristics of Corporations (USA)
Checklist: Starting a Corporation
Types of Stocks
Debentures and Shares Compared
General Statutory Duties of Directors
Management Structure of Corporations
Management Structure of Typical Publicly Held Corporation
Enterprise Organizational Chart
Shareholders' Powers, Rights and Liabilities
What is Their Role
Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Directors and Officers
Roles of Shareholders and the Board of Directors
Examples of Piercing the Corporate Veil
Corporate Restructuring Techniques
Sample Merger Timeline
Varieties of Mergers
Antitrust Laws: Unfair Trade Practices
Exemptions from Antitrust Laws (USA)
Concerns of Modern Labor Law
Unlawful Discrimination
Guidelines for Conducting a Job Interview
Sources and Terms of the Contract of Employment
Covenants not to Compete
Employee Manual
Three Types of Employer-Employee Relationships
Collective Bargaining Issues
Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union
Termination of Employment Contract
Factors Used to Determine Whether a Worker Is Employee or Independent Contractor
Reasons Why a Person May Have Been Dismissed
Types of Authority Which an Agent Can Have
Duties in an Agency Relationship
Duties of an Agent
Rights of an Agent
Liability in Agency Relationships
Termination of an Agency
Getting to Contract
Offer and Acceptance
Contractual Capacity
Contract Terms
Vitiating Factors
Vitiating Factors: Different Types of Mistake and Their Legal Consequences
General Patterns of Effects of Incapacity on Agreements
How Are Contracts Classified
Contract Legality
Distinction between Void and Voidable Agreements
Distinction between Condition and Warranty
Contract Discharge
Discharge through Frustration
Remedies for Breach
Contract Law: Common Law Remedies
Contract Law: Equitable Remedies
Contracts: Third Party Beneficiaries
Common Affirmative Defenses to a Breach of Contract Claim
Classification of Sales Contract
Warranties and Product Liability
Sales Contracts: Acceptance, Revocation, and Rejection
Seller's Rights and Remedies
Buyer's Rights and Remedies
Buyer's Remedies
Seller's Remedies
Fixed-Income Market
Investable Assets and Traditional Asset Classes
Types of Investments and Their Levels of Risk
Remedies Available to Creditors
Insurance Classifications
Insurance Contract Provisions and Clauses
Classifications of Taxes
Taxes and Social Contributions
Taxation: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Partnership Form
Classification of Torts
Differences between Contract, Tort, and Criminal Law
Difference between Fraud and Misrepresentation
Distinguishing between the Various Torts to Land
Defenses to a Negligence Action
Tort Law Defences
Functions of Criminal Law
Different Classifications of Crime
Civil and Criminal Branches of Law
Criminal Law vs. Civil Law
Components of the CriminalJustice System
Interrelationship of the CriminalJustice System and the Criminal Justice Process
Summary of the Rights of Civil Litigants and Criminal Defendants
Key Elements of the Perspectives of Justice
Concepts and Theories of Criminology
Material Elements of Offence
Limitations on Capacity (The UK)
Corporate Liability
Classifications of Mental States
Parties to a Crime
Secondary Liability
Elements of Accomplice
Elements of Bad Result Crimes
Inchoate Offences
Defences to Criminal Liability
Comparison of Diminished Responsibility and Insanity
Types of Crimes
Levels of Criminal Homicide (Tennessee)
Common Reasons for Rejection or Dismissal of a Criminal Case
Key Differences between Civil and Criminal Law
Comparison of Civil and Criminal Procedures (USA)
Steps of Criminal Procedure (the USA)
Major Procedural Steps in a Criminal Case
Movement of Cases through the Court System
Jury Selection
Stages in Giving Evidence
Trial Objections
Assessing Criminal Responsibility
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Grid
Sentences Available
Sentencing Continuum
Goals of Criminal Sentencing
Crime Control Strategies Based on Choice Theory
List of Threats and Hazards (from the Homeland Security National Risk Characterization)
Primary and Secondary Hazard Characteristics
Emergency Risk Management Process Flow Chart
Working with Communities on Disaster Management (Australia)
Australia's National Security Strategy: From a Foundation of Strength to a Secure Future
Typical Elements of a National Security Policy
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Operational Roles and Responsibilities in Relation to Particular Threats and Problems (USA)
Direct and Indirect Special Operations Forces (SOF) Missions
Intelligence Cycle
Objectives of Counterintelligence (CI) Functions
Examples of Reportable Events or Behaviors
Members of the U.S. Intelligence Community
Russia's Intelligence Community Continuum
Roles of Russia's Intelligence Community
Serious and Organised Crime Overseas (the UK)
Serious and Organised Crime Strategy (UK)
Criminal Organizations
Theories Regarding Why Gangs Exist
Cyber Security Threats
Classification of Cybercrime Offences
How Do We Label Corruption
Overview of Money Laundering
Typical Money Laundering Scheme
Classification of Cyber Criminals
Variety of Terror Groups
Contemporary Policing: Typical Department Organization of Services
United Kingdom Police Ranks
Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Jurisdictions (USA)
Organization of a Traditional Metropolitan Police Department
Twenty-Five Techniques of Situational Prevention
Summary of Patrol Methods
Distinctions between 'Stop and Frisk' and Arrest
Comparison of Administrative Searches and Law Enforcement Searches
Deprivations of Liberty from Stops to Imprisonment
Warrantless Searches
Who Exercises Discretion
Contemporary Policing: A Linear Use-of-Force Continuum
Differences between Different Strategies of Policing
Law Enforcement Cooperation: EU Home Affairs Agencies
Levels of Proof
Overview of the Investigative Process
Types of Evidence Collected During an Investigative Process
Daily Activities of Detectives and Criminal Investigators
What the FBI Investigates
Objectives and Conditions of Investigative Response
Investigative Process Funnel
Investigative Measures
Generic Reactive Investigation
Obtaining Information: Interview/Interrogation Guidelines
Identifying DNA Evidence
Things to Watch for When Observing People
Suspect and Vehicle Description Sheet
Court Structure in the UK
Outline of the Court Structure in England and Wales
The UK Judiciary: Selection and Appointment
Lay Magistrates (England and Wales)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Lay Magistrates
Qualifications for Jury Service (UK)
Grand Juries and Criminal Trial Juries Compared
How the US Supreme Court Works
Federal Court System (USA)
Types of Jurisdiction
Federal and State Jurisdiction (USA)
Typical State Court System (USA)
Texas Court Structure
In the Courtroom
Methods of Dispute Resolution
Classifications of Arbitration
Comparison of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods with a Lawsuit
Preparing for Your Mediation
Higher Education: Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees
Bachelor's Degree Classification: International Comparisons
"Practice of Law" versus "Other Work" in a Law Office
Legal Profession in England and Wales
Chart Comparing Solicitors and Barristers (England and Wales)
Routes to Becoming a Solicitor or Barrister
How to Become an Attorney (USA)
Best Law Schools in the USA
Legal Work in the USA: Attorney
Legal Work in the USA: Prosecutor
Legal Work in the USA: Paralegal
Careers in Criminal Justice: Municipal Police Officer (USA)
Careers in Criminal Justice: Forensic Scientist (USA)
Careers in Criminal Justice: Criminologist (USA)
Careers in Criminal Justice: Emergency Response Manager (USA)
Careers in Criminal Justice: Probation Officer (USA)
Types of Professional Misconduct of Lawyers

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