Everyday Japanese
Информация о книге:

Год: 1985

ISBN: 9780844285009

Кол-во страниц: 224

Everyday Japanese : A Basic Introduction to the Japanese Language & Culture

Schwarz E. A. , Reiko E.


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More than just a phrase book, more than just a travel guide, «Everyday Japanese» is a completely illustrated introduction to both the language and culture of Japan. Whether you’re planning a vacation or business trip to Japan or studying its language and culture, you won’t want to be without this compact and useful book.
To help you get along in Japanese, «Everyday Japanese» has numerous practical dialogs and useful expressions for everyday situations: Taking a taxi; Buying a ticket at the train station; Checking in and out of hotels; Eating and drinking Japanese style; Making appointments; Shopping; Exchanging money and much more. «Everyday Japanese» also contains an easy-to-follow guide to Japanese pronunciation, notes on usage, special tips for travelers, and hundreds of culture notes and explanations about this unique and fascinating country.
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