Ivoire sculpt? du Nord
Информация о книге:

Год: 2003

ISBN: 5891641410

Кол-во страниц: 176

Ivoire sculpt? du Nord = Северная резная кость : Альбом на французском языке

Vychar N. , и д.

Серия Chefs-d’?uvre des arts populaires de Russie


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This refined album will acquaint the readers with the past and present of the oldest handicraft, since olden days practiced in the Northern Russia, with bone carving, with creative work of the brightest and most talented foremen, upholding the glory of such well known centers, as Arkhangelsk, Kholmogory, Tobolsk, Yakutia etc.
The illustrative part of the album comprises genuine masterpieces of bone carving art, stored in museum and private collections.
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