The Glorious Epoch of Beads in Russia
Информация о книге:

Год: 2003

ISBN: 5891641445

Кол-во страниц: 168

The Glorious Epoch of Beads in Russia = Эпоха бисера в России : Альбом на английском языке

Yurova E.

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Finely decorated elegant book tells about the history of beads craft and its kinds, about symbolism and themes of beads works. Especially explicitly, with numerous examples from belles-letters, it narrates about the place, this craft occupies in Russia.
More than 160 illustrations introduce beads embroidered pictures, icons, bags, glass-holders, tobacco-pouches, chimney screens, furniture lining etc. To create these charming objects many seamstresses worked laboriously, putting into them subtle taste, their own comprehension of beauty, a part of their soul.
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